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Some Of The Services Offered:

PC/Tablet Setup $49.99

PC Tune-Up $29.99

OS Installation $79.99

Virus/Spyware Removal $99.99

Diagnostic $39.99

Firewall Support $259.99

Server Administration $299.99

Server Diagnostics and Repair $299.99

VPN Support $329.99

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Our Company At A Glance

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Computech Systems

Here at Computech Systems, we are dedicated to you and all of your IT needs

We've been around for over 8 years and we've been dedicated to providing high quality affordable technology.

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Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:
  • Warranties on all products

  • Expert Technical SUpport

  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff

  • A member's only online resource

  • Discounts when you outfit your entire business

  • Business packages

Taking Care Of Your Business

It's hard to know just what your business will need for its Technology Infrastructure. But don't worry, today we're going to go over all your questions.

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